About Limestone Walters

Limestone Walters School is an elementary school district located in rural Peoria. Formed in 1955, Limestone Walters is one of 8 feeder schools into Limestone High School.  We house K-8th graders and have one classroom per grade. Grades 6, 7, and 8 are departmentalized. In addition to our normal curriculum, we also offer music and band, art, technology classes, student council, speech team, and a full athletic program along with many more enjoyable activities for our students.

  • 195 students

  • 12 full-time teachers

  • 18:1 student to teacher ratio

  • 21 average class size

  • 20.6% low income

  • 1:1 iPads in grades K-3

  • 1:1 Chromebooks in grades 4-8

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