At Limestone-Walters, we pride ourselves on providing quality educational experiences. We feel that enriched early childhood environments not only provide extraordinary opportunities for young children but also form the foundation for a successful educational career. Through a rigorous curriculum, ongoing assessment practices, and varied student services, we continually work to assure that we are meeting the needs of all learners. Our comprehensive curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards.

4 Quarter Plans

The purpose of these plans is to share with parents what skills they can expect their son or daughter to be taught during the school year.  We have divided the year into four nine-week periods so you can have a snapshot of your child’s curriculum.  These plans will continue to evolve and be fluid as our teachers continue to participate in the Peoria County Curriculum Cadres.  

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Since 2007, we have administered the MAP growth tests to assess students for growth during the school year and between school years. MAP data allows our staff to differentiate and adjust instruction for individual students, groups of students, or entire classes based on the results of the assessment. The results can be used by students, parents, teachers, grade levels, subject areas, schools, and the school district for a variety of purposes.